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NOTE: We get an enormous amount of email from our fans. Most of the questions can be answered quickly so please read our frequently asked questions (FAQs) before using the contact us link. If the answer to your question is listed in the FAQ’s and you still send us an email we will carefully store your email in the “deleted items” folder and move on to a question that has not been asked. This is done not to be rude but so that our fans who have unanswered questions can be answered quicker. Thank you for reading.

Q: Where can I watch Super Rugby on TV in my country?
A: For a list of the Super Rugby broadcasters use the following link. List of Super Rugby broadcasters.

Q: The log/table/standings are not correct. How can XXX team be higher than XXX team as they have fewer points?
A: The new Super Rugby format is different from the old system used in the Super12, Super14, Super18. The teams have been divided into conferences and the top team in each conference is given one of the top places. This means that the team that is placed fourth might have more points but as they are second in their conference they cannot occupy one of the top three places. In addition, points differential is secondary to the number of wins a team has secured.

Q: I want to play for a Super Rugby team how can I do this?
A: Super Rugby players generally work their way through a Rugby Unions academies and systems. If you are not playing for one of the Unions try making a Youtube or similar video of your skills and get your agent to send it to some of the team scouts.

Q: We are a charity/school and would like XX player to visit us or for you to send us posters/marketing material?
A: The players and Super Rugby teams have their own management and you would be best served to contact them direct.

Q: Is this the official Super Rugby site?
A: No. This is not the official Super Rugby site. SANZAR owns and operates the Super Rugby and Rugby Championship tournaments and the operators of this site have no affiliation with SANZAR.

Q: Where can I watch Super Rugby online?
A: does not stream matches online. Rugbyzone used to stream Super Rugby online but they stopped trading at the end of 2010. At this stage, we do not know of a legal/illegal replacement for Rugbyzone where fans can watch Super Rugby online. If you find a way to watch it online and we have not listed it please do let us know and we will spread the word! In the meantime, the closest we can get you to watching Super Rugby online is through our own video highlights section which can be found using the following link. Super Rugby Video.

Q: Why do you have my Super Rugby team playing another Super Rugby team twice in the fixtures ?!
A: Yes your Super Rugby team does play another team twice. The move to the new Super Rugby tournament with 15 teams has a new format where teams from the same country play each other twice (home & away) AND four out of five of the team in the other countries. To read more on the new Super Rugby format click here.

Q: Where can I get Super Rugby TICKETS?
A: The best way to get match tickets is to contact the Union hosting the match that you want to see. To speed this process up we have created a page which links – where possible to all the ticketing agents or to the ticket offices of the respective union hosting the match – Click the link – SUPER RUGBY TICKETS.

Q: Can I advertise on this Super Rugby Website?
A: Yes you can. We have a large range of advertising options available on the Super Rugby website so please use this link to the contact us page.

Q: When will the 2021 Super Rugby Fixtures be released ?/ I am from “somewhere in Europe(usually), is there a match in “City Name” on “Specific Date” as I want to plan my holiday?
A: The 2021 dates have not been released and are usually released around the end of September or October.

Q: How does the Bonus point system work?
A: This is explained HERE.

Q: How are the finalists and final venue determined?
A: This is explained HERE.

Q: Can you send me a poster/sticker/logo for the Super Rugby tournament or one of the Super Rugby teams?
A: Sadly not. We do not keep any marketing material at all.

Q: My office/school/charity etc would like to get some Super Rugby posters/memorabilia can you give us some?
A: It’s the same as above but we still get asked. Please contact the Unions themselves for these.

Q: I would like XXXXX Super Rugby team to come to a function that I want to hold – Can you arrange it?
A: Once again, sadly not. If you want a team to visit you then please contact the team directly.

Q: Can you get my Super Rugby shirt signed for a charity fundraiser or for my son who is a huge Super Rugby fan?
A: Sadly not. Try contacting the Union where the players are based. See the question above for instructions on how to contact the Union.

Q: Can I have (insert player’s name)’s number because I really love him. (yes we do get asked).
A: This is a rugby web site, not a dating service so no, you cannot have his number.

Q: My office/school/charity etc would like to get some SuperRugby posters/memorabilia can you give us some?
A: Please contact the Unions themselves for these.

Q: Where are the Super Rugby teams from?
A: Click HERE to see where the teams are from.

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